Natural and Organic Futon Style Mattresses

Natural Futon Style Mattresses - No Chemical Fire Retardants! 
Discover for yourself the wonders of 100% natural fiber filled futon style mattresses. Choose from our comprehensive selection of natural or organic cotton and pure wool style futon mattresses. Available in standard and custom sizes. Made in the USA

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Ovation Natural Cotton & Pure Wool Futon Style Mattress
Most Popular: The secret to the The Ovation Natural Cotton and Pure Wool Futon is our wool. Because Pure Wool is naturally fire barrier, there is no need for additional synthetic or chemical fire retardants. The Ovation futons are made by layering pure natural cotton and wrapping in Pure Wool. These layers are hand-tufted to a natural cotton cover. Other "so-called natural futon mattresses add chemical fire-retardants, but not in The Ovation. This futon is safe and contains no chemical fire-retardants or formaldehydes. Our most popular futon!


Ovation Organic Cotton and Pure Wool Futon.
The Ovation Organic Cotton and Pure Wool Futon includes Organic Cotton ticking and batting and free of added chemicals. Remarkable comfort and luxury when your health comes first. The Ovation Organic Cotton and Pure Wool Futon is made of layered organic cotton wrapped in Pure Wool. What you won't find are bleaches, dyes, chemical fire-retardants or silicate barriers that may be found in other futon-style mattresses. Our organic cotton padding is certified 100% organic by GOTS.


Ovation Firm Cotton and Pure Wool Futon
The Ovation Firm Futon is hand-crafted from Pure Wool and Natural Cotton. Remarkable "firm" comfort and luxury at an affordable price. The difference between the our Ovation and the Ovation Firm futon is that we add additional layers of cotton and almost double the number of tufts, creating a firmer futon.  Ovation Firm Cotton and Pure Wool Futon


Ovation Natural Cotton, Pure Wool & Foam Futon Style Mattress.
The Ovation Natural Foam Core Futon is hand-crafted by wrapping plant based foam with natural cotton and Pure Wool. These layers are crafted and hand-tufted to a cotton cover. The addition of foam adds to the longevity and comfort of this futon style mattress. Excellent choice for folding style bed frames. The Ovation Natural Cotton, Pure Wool and Foam Futon.


Ovation Futon Mattress Choices:
Ovation Natural Cotton and Pure Wool Futon
Ovation Firm Natural Cotton and Pure Wool Futon
Ovation Organic Cotton and Pure Wool Futon
Ovation Natural Cotton, Pure Wool and Foam Futon

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